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About Us

Aaradhya Jewellers - About-Us

It's widely agreed that jewellery is a way to show off one's style. It has been used to make jewellery from shells, stones, and bones since time. Neolithic people may have worn it as a sign of their rank or prestige. In ancient times, people learned how to work with metals. This was a big step in the development of jewellery art.

Our Past

Our past In 2015, we filed for Aaradhya Jewellers LLP with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Indian government. Since we opened our first branch in Ghaziabad, we've seen many people come to us. After seven years of an incredible journey, there are two branches in Greater Noida West Gautam Budh Nagar. We have helped many of the most influential people in the NCR get what they need and want from us. They are all happy with our services, gold purity, and product designs, and we are grateful for their help. This is how it works: In 2015, we received certification from BIS for 916 Jewelry Hallmarking. All of the Gold items have been checked by BIS. We value long-term business relationships with our clients.

Our Mission

Building long-term relationships with customers through high-quality jewellery at competitive prices. People who work for us want to ensure that all of our customers' questions are answered correctly and that we don't leave any stone unturned. We provide live chat, WhatsApp, and one-on-one phone calls. There is no way you can go wrong with the trust and confidence of well-known brands. Pinky promise!

Our Vision

Since then, we've been working to build a brand that embodies everything good and right about Indian luxury by highlighting the beauty and value of fine jewellery. Aaradhya Jewellers was founded on the simple idea that every woman should be able to afford to go a little bit extra every day. So it all starts with a great idea, which is brought to life perfectly thanks to our attention to even the most minor things.

Amazing work of art

It doesn't matter if the jewellery is made of gold or a simple piece of metal. All women have a place in their hearts for their jewellery. However, with your job as a jewellery designer, it is essential that you are very careful with your work and that you want to make unique pieces of art, at the very least.

Awe-inspiring manufacturers

Customers love us because we work hard to make them happy. We are the best jewellers in the business. So, our company looks at each part as part of a bigger batch with more segments and regions.

Makes an effort to change something

When it comes to meeting your deadlines, being on time is more important than how the system is built and designed. With great pride, we say that our groups know a lot about a lot of different kinds of creative supplies and equipment.

Don’t hesitate just contact us for whatever you need. We can assure you that you will definitely get the best of the best.